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Cloudsgento | Who We Are

Cloudsgento is an Internet Service Provider specialized in hosting solutions for the Magento eCommerce platform.

We are located in the direct vicinity of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Based on many many years of experience with implementations of Magento webshops, Cloudsgento developed, completely from scratch, a new server platform specifically tuned for Magento. We're very proud that, through extensive research, we found a way to significantly reduce the page load times. Of course we like you to also benefit from this! Through Cloudsgento, now every Magento user in the world can host their webshops on this very fast and robust server platform. Cloudsgento: because speed matters.

State-of-the-Art Data Centres

We are running our server cloud devided over three of the major data centres in Amsterdam. These are large and stable international enterprises that host major companies and financial institutions in their facilities. Amsterdam is one of the most connected places in Europe in terms of the Internet traffic. The DC's used by Cloudsgento are: Equinix Amsterdam (primairy), EU Networks Amsterdam (secondairy), Global Switch Amsterdam (backup).

We take the utmost care in the selection of our data centres, also in other parts of the world. The key determining factors are: a fully redundant equipment, access to international carriers, good cooling and stringent access procedures.

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